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Posted on September 29, 2010 by

Bonjour, mes amis. It’s me, Madame Le Bun, back again this week to bring you some sweet treats again. Unfortunement, ma chere Jean-Claude is still under le weather, it is the flu, I am thinking. He is getting better so I hope he will be here with you next week.

Today, I have been adjusting le fruits on my beautiful toppings and I think,  “Ah, Celeste, perhaps some pretty new fruits for your toppings?”. So here is what I am finding that is so parfait for moi.

With these petit fruits, I can be having the new look – I hope they are cheering up soon though. From Kieutiepie.

Haw, haw, it is like looking in a parallel universe, non? This is le pineapple crochet which you can be making yourself. From Bulldogz.

And this moustache is reminding me of poor Jean-Claude! His is drooping slightly at le moment but this is the zingy lemon tres beau! From Kikichoo.

Ah, Billy Blueberry – it is le long time since I am seeing you. This would be a great adornment to my toppings. From Janiexy.

And finalement, the lemon slice who would be the perfect finishing touch to all of my outfittings. From JustMadeCute.

So, I hope you are enjoying my fruit offerings – it is time for moi to go and make le potage again for Jean-Claude – I am always wiping it from his moustache! Oh, la, la, do not be telling him I tell you this!


Celeste Le Bun xxx

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