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Kawaii 101: Bento

Posted on September 8, 2010 by


Bonjour mes amis! I returnez with another of mon lectures on ze tenets of kawaii. Today I tackle ze subject of Bento.

Although it may be sounding complex, bento is ze Japanese version of ze lunch box. In Japan, le bento is une large part of society. Ze bentos are made for l’enfants and also for ze husbands and students. Even for speciale occasions ze bento is made for le picnique and outings! However, you have not to be following any rules – just pack ze box with your lunchings and you are making ze bento!

Even better, is to be making le kawaii bento. Zis is most easily done by using ze kawaii bento boxes. There are many millions of ze kawaii designs in all ze shapes and sizes and featuring all ze favorit kawaii characters (but not moi, non) . Le Bun is very much liking ze ball-shaped Hello Kitty heads (from JBox) and le Decole banana boat (from Japanese Zakka).

(and don’t forgettez! You can be winning ze kawaii bento box in mon giveaway with modeS4u)

There are also ze bento accessories – Le Bun is finding these most surprising! Maybe ze egg mould for making ze bunny shaped egg (from From Japan With Love) or ze happy apple bottles for your saucings (from Bird on the Wire).

If you are wanting to take your bentos to ze next levels then maybe charaben (or kyaraben) is for you to try. With these charaben (short for character bento) ze bento foods are made to be looking kawaii. Zis is normally for l’enfants but adults can be making their lunches fun too, oui ou! Ze fantastique charabens above are from ze Sanrio Charaben Contest and Cute Obento.

If you are wishing to know more of bento and charaben, there is une site most fabuleux – Just Bento – which explainez all in ze bigger detail. There are also ze many books about bentos – I show mon favorits below. Enjoyez and au revoir!

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