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Bonjour from Madame Le Bun!

Posted on September 22, 2010 by

Bonjour to you! Je m’appelle Celeste Le Bun. I think you know me better as Madame! I feel I know all of mes cheres already – Jean-Claude tells me so much of your doings.

I come with the bad news – Jean-Claude, he has caught my sickness and it is I who must be bringing le potage and bonbons. Ahhh, poor Jean-Claude! He is so sick he asks of me to show you the kawaii. My great fondness is for le gateaux so let me see what I can be finding!

Jean-Claude, he always makes the fun of my love of pink but still I love the ‘girly’ cupcake toppers of PartyParade!

Ah, vraiment! These gateaux earrings by PaperBiscuit are of cappucino chiffon – tres chic!

It is le petit Jacques’ birthday soon. I think he would be liking this cupcake bunny card by jijipunch.

Ooh la la! This crazy cake from DIYFluffies is reminding me of Jean-Claude’s Oncle Bertrand. I say no more.

Et finallement, the kawaii cake tags of megspapercraft will be parfait for my festive gifts!

* * *

Merci beaucoup for the kindness in reading my bloggings. I hope my English was not so bad. Do not be missing Jean-Claude too much – I will have him better for you next week!

Bisous! Celeste Le Bun xxx

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