Les Voyages de Kawaii

Les Voyages De Kawaii – UK

Posted on August 4, 2010 by

Ah, mes amis, it is le Weddingsday already again! Le Bun is tres busy and I am always surprising that it is time to write to you again. Zis week, I am in ze UK again, ze meetings – ah, zey never stopping! Here is what I am finding to show to you.

All of ze UK countries, zey have ze different language  – formidable! Zis pretty elephant is wishing you le happy birthday in Welsh. From Peris&Corr.

Ah, ze monsters are scary et cute all at ze same time! Je suis confused. But mes amis, you can be making your own monster like zis with le kit from Heartfelt Handmade.

What iz zis?! It iz like looking dans le mirror! Le petit pendant by Finest Imaginary has le bean just like Le Bun! Ah, I must be speaking with zis bean…

Ze sleepy owl, it iz just how I am feeling with all of my rushing from place to place on my visite here. Zis is making by Robin and Mould, tres bien.

Et finalment, I am finding le panda on my trip to Edinburgh at le weekend with ze real Panda et Bunny to be buying les treats for le shop. Zis panda is from Fibrous.

Returnez, mes amis, to see moi next time, who knows where I will be?!

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