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Posted on July 14, 2010 by


How are you enjoying ze Summertimes mes cheres? I, Le Bun, am having ze rest at mon chateau. It has been ze busy time for Le Bun with all ze travelling so I deserve le rest, oui? But I do not forgettez mon fans, non non. I ask mes amis for ze links most interessant.

Ahh, la plage! I wish I was there now eating une glace. Joey at Joey’s Dream Garden has ze free download and tutorial on making ze cute flags for your sandcastles. Plus you can be winning ze prize with ze photographs.

If you are liking ze crochet then mes ami Berrysprite has une free pattern for making ze takochu. I hope to see him at la plage, haw hee haw!

Over on ze Face Book, you can be winning zis oh so pretty necklace from Finest Imaginary.

And do not be forgetting mon MoshiMoshiKawaii giveaway! You have until July 19th to entrez for winning ze cute books. Bonne chance mes amis!

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