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Ze Bargain Time!

Posted on June 23rd 2010 by in Les Voyages de Kawaii

How are you all being, mes amis? I, Le Bun, feel like I am never being home – ze travelings are taking up much of mon time. Ah, but it is not all of ze bad feelings – on mon journeys, I find for you le kawaii bargains, all over ze world!

Le Bun does not normally like ze elephant – he is too enormoux! But zis petit elephant brooch from Bunny With A Toolbelt is more mon size! See more of ze sale items here.

Ah Mimi Pinkee Bunny, we meet again! Please to bring mon ami home, oui? She is full of ze love and now costs even less of your pennies.

If you wish to make ze writings, then I recommend zis happy cloud notepad from M.Patrizio. Or see ze sale items for more of ze cute stationeries.

Madame, she is so busy with her nouveau project that she has not the time to sew on mon buttons! Maybe I should get ze star pincushion from Cute Creations and learn to sew for mon self? Non non. I think not. But do not be missing ze Super Sale for many of ze cute things.

Et finallement, I wish I was home in front of mon television! Instead I may purchase zis kawaii TV sample sale pillow fromĀ That Bear Is Knitting and rest mon head instead.

Until next time, au revoir mes amis!

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1 Response to Ze Bargain Time!

  1. Rowan

    that TV cushion is awesome!


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