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Les Voyages De Kawaii – Spain

Posted on June 30th 2010 by in Les Voyages de Kawaii

Bonjour, mes amis! Or should I be saying, buenos dias, amigos! Ah, oui, oui, zis week I am in Espana, on mes vacances avec ma grand friend, ze Colonel. He is un older bun from le army – I am knowing him from our mutual appreciation of ze moustaches. Ah, one day, I hope to have ze moustache tres luxurious like ze Colonel!

Mais, I am getting distracted. I am bringing to you the ze kawaii things I am finding in Spain so far. D’accord, voila:

Les petit riding hood brooch – tres bien! By Pedacets.

Ze bunny is tres, tres cute! By Knittingdreams.

I am tres grateful that zis is ze only raincloud I have seen so far in Spain. By Lovelia.

La belle Espana is full of ze cute bunnies, it reminds me of mon ami Bunny San when I am away from ze home. By Krize.

Et finalment, une petit panda aussi to remind me of ze home. Zis print is from Rupydetequila.

Mes amis, zis is ze visite tres flying, I think you say, non? Le Colonel has found ze tres interesting rock formations dans les sand dunes. Zis afternoon, we go to see zis. I will try not to do ze yawning.

A bientot!

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