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Posted on June 11, 2010 by

Thanks to our 736 kawaii-loving Flickr group members, we’re never short of things to squeal over. Here’s my recent favourites!

This ring is teeny but has not one but two little puppies in its basket – cute! By hooop crafts.

A dog that’s also a bird house? Yep, that’s San-x bonkers-ness! Available from icecream_drops.

Wah! Cute and spooky – regular poster to the group Ladybastard_harajuku stitched this little guy up.

This fresh take on a familiar face is way cuter than the original! Thanks Sean for submitting it!

And finally, Berrysprite has done it again – something so cute it made me go Eek! These iPod/iPhone covers are kawaii personified! A brown one for me please!

Don’t forget to show us your cute, whether you made it, bought it, or spotted it here.

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