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Kawaii 101: Amigurumi

Posted on May 5th 2010 by in Guides To Kawaii


Bonjour mes amis! I returnez with another of mon lectures on ze tenets of kawaii. Today I tackle ze subject of Amigurumi.

According to mes amis at ze Wikipedia, Amigurumi means “knitted stuffed toy” and is “the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures.” It makes ze sense now, oui?

Let us see some of zis Amigurumi.

Bearlet by Berrysprite.

Bunny and Carrots pattern by stripeyblue.

Ham(ster) Burger by Treaclezoo.

Little Vampire pattern by Fun and Fang.

You understandez le amigurumi now, oui oui? If you wish to be learning to make ze kawaii amigurumis, there are also ze books to be teaching you. Please to see mon pickings below.

I, Le Bun, see you next week, mes cheres! Au revoir xx

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3 Responses to Kawaii 101: Amigurumi

  1. Alix of Bigbluebed

    I have just learnt to crochet and want to make amigurumi and plus I want to teach some children how to do it.
    So thank you for this.

  2. Helena

    Just to let you know, I came here from the Guardian recommendation, and I’ve checked it a few times over the last few days when I’ve felt like procrastinating, and thought it was a cute site. But this post has absolutely converted me. I feel knocked out by the cute. I think it was the bearlet and the vampire what did it. An overdose of kawaii. I’ll definately be back again soon now. Thank you M. le Bun!

    (I wonder is crocheting hard..?)

  3. holly

    Haha, I love the ham(ster) burger! So kawaii!


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