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Guest Picks: Cuddly Crochet

Posted on April 21st 2010 by in Guest Picks

Mes chere amis! It has been ze long time since we had le guest pickings. Today, we have une guest most speciale – Stacey Trock of Fresh Stitches, who makes ze animal toys and chapeaus for le bebes. And more, she teaches how to make ze kawaii too with ze Cuddly Crochet book. Please to show les pickings, merci!

* * *

One of my favorite projects in Cuddly Crochet is Ricky the Cuddly Koala… a design inspired by my Aussie boyfriend. Koalas, in my opinion, are irresistibly adorable on anything… but here are my top 5 koala picks:

This zippered case is fabulous for carrying odds and ends… I use mine for little crochet/knitting accessories. It’s great, because you can toss the entire thing in your bag, and not have to worry about your little stuff getting lost. The case is hard on the outside, so nothing will get squished inside… and it’s so cute!

This great design is on Café Press, so you can get this cutie koala on almost anything… but I love this travel mug. Who doesn’t need a koala with you all day long?

As an artist, I try to support other artists whenever I can… so I love that this adorable koala keychain is handmade. He’s even holding a little heart!

Let's Climb Trees - Koala Bag bag

Crocheters/knitters need lots of bags to keep their projects in… you don’t want your yarn to get tangled up with your keys! This koala bag is just great for those projects- or anything else!

I don’t think that you can make a top 5 without a ridiculously cute Japanese product… check out this koala face punch for seaweed! I never really thought cuteness was a food requirement… but I may have to change my mind!


* * *

Merci, Stacey, for ze kawaii koalas! Mes amis, do not be forgetting, you can entrez le contest to be winning Stacey’s book of Le Cuddly Crochet. Bonne Chance! I see you soon, oui?

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1 Response to Guest Picks: Cuddly Crochet

  1. Mux

    This koala travel mug is sooo cute! I just discovered Coffee Press. That site is amazing!! I’m going back right now! ^^


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