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Vacances En Tokyo

Posted on April 14, 2010 by

Ah, mes amis! I do not mean to be lying to vous, but alas, I have been telling le untruth.

Believez moi, it iz not intentional! Oh, non, non! But I mix up ze dates in mon filofax and have got the giving aways all wrong. So, you have le wait for the next giving away – je suis tres, tres desolee.

Maintenant, I am on le short trip to Tokyo to sort out une petite business deal and have a little rest aussi. Madame Le Bun is travelling with moi but Jacques, he remain a la maison.

Here is ze kawaii I have found so far:

Le petite bento sauce bottles by World Of Kawaii.

Petit chat plush by Inomi.

Amazing alien abduction artwork by Planet Platonic.

Tiny mouse hand-stamped badges by Roku Stationery.

Lots of kawaii stickers from Beautiful Work.

Phew! Zis evening, I must be meeting my business contact to talk about ze plans for le future. But now I must go to ze bedroom to lie down  – le jetlag est horrendeux!

A bientot, mes amis!

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