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Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Posted on March 17, 2010 by

Top of le morning to vous! I am visiting le isle d’emerald, Ireland, zis time to celebrate le holiday, St Patrick’s Day. I am not so sure what is le point to zis holiday except to drink le Guinness and wear le giant shamrock top hat, but it is pleasing to moi et Madame Le Bun to be here in Dublin for une petit vacation.

So, I bring ze Irish-themed kawaii. Allez!

I do not know what le significance is of le dragon in ze festivities, mais it is tres petit and cute. By Misfit Creatures.

Le petit mushrooms avec le shamrocks – parfait for your ears! By Sugarbunnies379.

Ah, so cute! Le petit shamrock badge is too cute just for one day. Wear it tous le jours! By Melissa Abram.

Le spring is perfect for le bunnies as well as le Guinness drinking. Ze brooch by A. Deegan has Madame Le Bun aflutter – ooh la la!

Et finalement, le cutest leprachaun Le Bun has yet to see dans all the world! By Moons Creations.

Ah, now I must go to be kissing le stone of Blarney – Madame Le Bun insists upon it. I know not why, I am already being most humorous, non?

Be with me next week, I have a special giving away pour vous. A bientot, mes amis!

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