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Posted on November 25, 2009 by

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Mes amis, mes amis! I must be apologising to you. Yesterday, I went where no bun was meant to be going and so there was une incident with ze icing and ze Super Cute Kawaii server. Mais non, it was not so good. I cleaned with mon kercheif but to non avail! La Bunny and la Panda have been ze most kind but now Le Bun has been banished, oui! I am home at la maison and feeling les sorrows.

But! Do not have ze pityings, for I, Le Bun have ze contest for you. You will all love me again, oui?

Mes amis at Overnight Prints have offer ze good readers a set of 500 of ze business cards. Above you can be seeing what wonderings you can make – these business cartes are for moi! I hope to give you one soon. I leave ze instructionings to Bunny! Bonne chance!

* * *

Thanks Le Bun, we forgive you!

Like he says, you can win 500 business cards from Overnight Prints! Whether you upload your own kawaii design or use one of their templates, you’ll have some awesome cards to promote yourself or your business.

Just leave a comment on this post, telling us what you’d use your business cards for.

Contest is open to everyone, worldwide and closes at midday GMT on Tuesday 1st December. We’ll pick a winner at random who will be sent instructions on how to claim their free cards.


This giveaway is sponsored by OvernightPrints.com – they print business cards, postcards and more!

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