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Posted on October 16, 2009 by

Can we post about Halloween now? Can we? Can we? YAY!


These, um, delightful cats are called Hangry and Angry but they look a bit more like Dead and Scary. The best part is, you can unzip their stomachs and keep stuff inside them!

gloomy bear

Why don’t we feature Gloomy Bear more often? I mean, who doesn’t like having a pet bear who wants to scratch your eyes out. Or indeed, scratch your chocolate stash to pieces. These, of course, will be in shops for Valentine’s Day (nice!)


This guy has the unfortunate name of Kamonohashikamo. I bet he has no friends. Here he shows some possible Halloween costumes including Pineapple, Pirate, Butterfly and, um, evil version of yourself. I might try that one myself.


Now that’s more like it! Find a friend and the biggest pumpkin in town and you’re sorted. Don’t forget the pumpkin gloves to keep your hands warm!

The halloween stuff should be available in shops now and the others early next year.

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