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Je suis desolee

Posted on August 26, 2009 by

fantastic toys

Ah, bonjour mes amis. Le Bun is not so happy. Le docteur, he say I cannot travel until my icing is parfait. And mes amis, they find it hard to do the guest pickings for me. I will be doing ze naming and shaming soon if they do not pick le kawaii for moi soon!!

But all is soon to be well! Bunny-san and Panda-san tell me it is ze anniversaire of Super Cute Kawaii but next week, when we will have been bringing you le kawaii for one whole year. To celebrate zis happy occasion we have been lining up une amazing week of giveaways, contests and offers. I, Le Bun, tell you it will be worth ze wait.

Dans l’intervalle, I show to you mon happy amis of the bakery. This is how you all will look too when you see all the surprises your bun has pour vous next week. I see you then! Au revoir!


Sad White Mushie by Fantastic Toys, Food Friends wrapping paper by Paperchase (via Print and Pattern)

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