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Posted on June 17th 2009 by in Le Bun Goes Shopping!

Bonjour! I hope you are remembering mon kawaii competition? It is tres magnifique and you still have the trois days to entrez.

As a bun most popular, I have the many many amis, some of which I wish to introduce to you!

Panda Ling

Ah, Panda Ling! My companion for les refreshments. Many an evening can you find us strolling round the brasseries of Paris imbibing la vin rouge. Panda Ling does not look so dapper as moi ze next morning, ne c’est pas? (made by treepure)

Mr Fisher

Mr Fisher, he does not like me eating ze frog’s legs. I commiserate after mon cousin Pierre Le Bun disappeared in ze strange circumstances. The life of a bun is most worrisome. (made by Stine)


La belle Sally is a companion most exceptionelle! Except for le incident with the pecking but we do not talk of it. Instead we enjoy les fleurs together. (made by BDDesigns)


I have ze many panda friends, oui? Freddy is tres chic, always with le latest fashions. He tried to get Le Bun to wear le petit chapeau but non, I say, NON! (made by Cilli)


Oh! Zippy, mon ami since we were enfants! He is not, how you say, respectable, non. We get into tres tres trouble. Since le zip operation, he is much the better friend! (made by soniadiez)

I hope you enjoy meeting mes amis. They all wish for the new homes if you have ze room in your heart! Au revoir!

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3 Responses to Introducing…

  1. Nic

    Teehee! This totally made me giggle – Le Bun is hilarious!! XD

    Nic´s last blog post..Footie Shark

  2. Reg

    I strain to underztand Le Bun sometimes but it eez worth eet, iz funny! (Sorry, my french accent is so fake) :D

    Reg´s last blog post..Candy Prom header and icons

  3. Cindy

    omg, i love the face on that panda! hahaha! very cute.

    Cindy´s last blog post..Luckies Zipper Pulls by Kidrobot


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