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Ebay Finds

Posted on February 17th 2009 by in Let's Go Shopping!

It’s just been pay day at Panda Towers, so the virtual aisles of Ebay have been taking a pounding! Here’s what we’ve found:


This bitten cookie is cute but also a little spooky. From Ebay seller kate637.


There really aren’t enough tortoises in the kawaii world! More please! This one’s by traceyframpton.


Not only is this bag soooo cute, it is coming from genuinely Japanese Osaka! From minkyshop.


Why not create your own kawaii?! This very unusual pixel art kit helps you do just that. From kaleidoscopicdancesofdeath.


Kind of like the garden gnome or ceramic whimsy of our age, urban vinyl is taking over! This cute deer is from electrocuties.

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