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Happy Birthday Domo!

Posted on December 26th 2008 by in Cute Characters

According to the JList blog, it was Domo-kun’s 10th birthday earlier in the week and we all forgot! Maybe if we buy some of this cute Domo stuff, he’ll forgive us.

JList itself has a bunch of Domo products including a tshirt for everyone. I’m particularly fond of this one as who doesn’t want Domo-kun’s screaming face emblazoned on their chest?

You hardly need an excuse to buy this Action Pen from as it’s super-awesome anyway. Apparently, when you click the pen open or shut Domokun’s arms shoot up and down! Aaaaah!

You’ll have a Domo for all occasions with this set of pouches! Your phone, camera, pencils and more can all be tucked inside some furry cuteness. Available from ebay seller ChinaAnime.

Is there any home that wouldn’t benefit from the addition of a Domo-kun cushion? This cushion cover from ebay seller is hilarious. Pop a cushion inside and relax yourself on Domo-kun’s face. We’ll be round for tea later!

Oh my! This wallet is amazing! Not only does it look cool but it has 2 photo frames, coin purse, card holder and more. Available from ebay seller LegendShop2004.

And finally, make your own Domo!! Print off the sheet and you can build your own Domo-kun, complete with TV. Happy Birthday Domo-kun!

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday Domo!

  1. Diana

    Very cute!!


  2. Spok-spok

    I want all those things!


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