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Zazzle Kawaii

Posted on November 24th 2008 by in Let's Go Shopping!

Zazzle is a pretty cool site where you can add your own designs to an enormous range of items and put them up for sale. I had a hunt for kawaii and look what I found!

Bunny shoes! Actually, I already own some bunny shoes but these are adorable! Kawaii Inc seems to be the Queen of Kawaii on Zazzle with literally billions of cute designs – check them out.

How about a Holiday Kitten Tshirt for the festive season? No-one will be able to resist hugging you. Designed by Ultra Kawaii

I love this Wasabi Mug by Chu Things. It reminds me of the sushi bar game in Tamagotchi Corner Shop. WAAAAAAA-sabi!

You can even cute up your boring office desk with a Popsicle Mousepad by Little Heaven

And finally, it’s a Pirate Cupcake Keychain by The Cute Institute. Yes, I said pirate cupcake. PIRATE CUPCAKE! *falls over*

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4 Responses to Zazzle Kawaii

  1. Ally

    Zazzle made really cute shoes
    hope to get some soon ^^

  2. Esther

    i design kawaii myself and i am really liking your cupcake on the zazzle page the cupcakes called pirate cupcake i think its really cute but i think it would be a lot cuter if it didnt have the eyepatch i know thats what makes it the pirate but i dont think it needs the eye patch i think you should make one with out the eyepatch because it would look really cute and mabe possibly i could send you pictures of my kawaii?to sell possibley well contact me i would like it very much to talk to you about the future

  3. Juliana

    how cute is that????
    omg >.<

  4. Daniela

    Adorei as imagens!
    Amo Cupcake!
    Adorei o PIRATE CUPCAKE!
    beijos da danii


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