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Posted on November 21, 2008 by

Not one to let an Ebay find pass me by, here are my latest picks for you to drool over/bid on.  This purse is perfect for lovers of hot beverages and cute things alike and a steal at just £6.

I’m a mahoosive fan of Toki Doki and this journal would be perfect for getting me organised next year as I’m so wildly disorganised just now as some villain stole my diary this year (long story).

Wahhh! Domo Kun has eaten your make-ups!  I don’t think I would mind – look at the zip on this!  Even that’s cute! Available from Chicki – check out their other items for more kawaii fun.

This bag is both cute and stylish, so if you feel a bit grown up for Hello Kitty et al, this will do the trick.

And finally, this panda-brella says it’s for kids, but I say what better way to keep dry than a giant one of me above you? It’s a bargain too!

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