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Folksy Finds

Posted on October 13th 2008 by in Let's Go Shopping!

A quick round-up of Folksy favourites!

Don’t tell bunny san but I think I’ve found her Christmas present – the alphabet in bunnies by Lucy Player!

Tweed and cute robots – 2 of my favourite things!  Available in various guises at Felt Giraffe.

I’ve never quite been able to figure out Tenorikuma, save from the fact that they are a bunch of coffee whores led by a caffeine-addled bear.  But this pouch would give me hours of fun imagining what they are all about!   By Unisacs.

 And finally, I can’t let a post go by without some sort of foodstuff grinning at you!  So this time it’s one of bunny san’s very own Pankunchi cards.  Perfect for even the worst news!  Available here.

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1 Response to Folksy Finds

  1. La-Nuit

    the food is so cute. i just discovered your site from cuteable. it’s awesome, keep it up!


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