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Cute Folksy Finds

Posted on September 29th 2008 by in Let's Go Shopping!

Folksy is a new UK-based site for all things handmade. Both myself and Panda-san have set up shop there and have found it a fun and innovative place populated by good folks like ourselves. I set my radar to Cute and here are a few things I found.

You’ve probably seen these adorable giclee prints by Hide n Seek around the web – they’re so sweet and magical!

I love this badger brooch by Lupin – he’d look super-cute on anyone’s winter coat.

Make your tea-time that little bit cuter with a Star Girl handpainted plate by mamapie

This little sausage dog looks so sad! It’s heartbreaking, but also cute. Handmade by PaperFish

And yet another brooch, but who doesn’t love litte sleepy birdies with vintage wings? You can get yours from Sallyent


Check out Folksy for more handmade cuteness.

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2 Responses to Cute Folksy Finds

  1. SallyF

    oh look there’s a birdie *waves* thanks guys, blog’s looking great, keep it up! x

  2. Lupin

    Thanks so much for featuring my badger among all these folksy lovelies! :)


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